118 Pictures Taken in 2.5 Years.

Telling the story of recovery one night at a time.

From early February, 2013 until late June, 2015 a story would unravel in a way that only pictures could describe. Using a Nikon D3s and a 20mm lens I was able to document the untold stories of those affected by Superstorm Sandy as the slept, as their properties stayed dormant, as they healed.

This project broke my heart each night. As I crept from structure to structure I could only imagine what life was like prior to October 28, 2012. I was alone, working for myself, by myself with no agenda other than to document the eerie and breathtaking city scapes that were offered to me after dark. This process repeated itself over 200 times.

It was with no intention, no motive, no incentive other than to tell a wide-reaching story of recovery one night at a time. A simple idea became a passion years in the making.

In some respects this project is done; however, it remains with me but for us as the same.

Next Steps…